Experienced Professional Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer

We help small businesses with bookkeeping, financial planning and tax preparation. While we help many types of businesses, we specialize in working with businesses that are focused on health and wellness – for people or pets!

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What do you need?


This is the day-to-day grind you want to get away from. Categorizing transactions and reconciling bank statements take time. We'll make sure your number crunching is done so you can do the more important (and fun) stuff.


So, what's Net Income again? All the terms and reports can be confusing. We'll run those financial statements for you and help you interpret them so you can see the big picture of how your business is doing. And, We'll make recommendations for changes to help your business grow.


We know it's a dirty word (and sometimes a dirty job), but we can get through this. Together, we'll plan where your money should be going. Budgeting helps you plan cash flows for future growth and profit!

Clean Up

Been procrastinating too much with getting things entered and up-to-date in your accounting software and now you're a year behind? Or maybe you had someone else doing your books, but now it's a mess. No worries. We're the money nerds who like the challenge of getting this in order for you.

Set Up

Whether you're just starting out, or have been using a manual system or other bookkeeping software, we can get your new system setup (and teach you how to use it).

Tax Preparation & Planning

We do taxes for sole proprietors, partnerships and S-Corporations. Jennifer holds an Enrolled Agent credential from the IRS. That's a fancy way of saying she's able to represent taxpayers before the IRS because of the education and exams she's passed. And, its the highest credential the IRS issues. She's also completed additional education on partnership and S Corp filing. If you're working with a CPA, she'll make sure they have what they need so you're not scrambling at the last minute.