Are you still asking your office manager to handle your bookkeeping?

You need to concentrate on your client’s well-being, not on learning about the best ways to maximize your profits. We help health and wellness businesses get their office managers and owners out of the books and into taking care of clients (and business).  

We’re experienced professional bookkeepers and tax advisors, specializing in small businesses focused on health and wellness.

We make cents make sense! Call today to schedule a free consultation.

We offer bookkeeping packages and add-ons for businesses of all sizes.

Take a look at the different packages we offer. The most popular option is Bookkeeper Pro, but if you're a growth-minded business owner who wants support and advice to maximize profit and cash flow while minimizing taxes, then Bookkeeper Elite is for you!

Bookkeeper Basic

  • Manage post of day-to-day transactions
  • Reconcile checking & savings accounts for accuracy
  • Monitor and reconcile credit cards for accuracy
  • Post payroll totals and sync with payroll service
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Preparation of year end financial reports for taxes
  • Unlimited email support

Bookkeeper Pro

  • Everything included in BOOKKEEPER BASIC, plus...
  • Prepare and send customer invoices
  • Prepare and file year end 1099 forms for contractors
  • Manage & schedule on-time bill payments
  • Prepare & file online sales tax return
  • Maintain fixed asset tracking & depreciation
  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours

Bookkeeper Elite

  • Everything included in BOOKKEEPER PRO, plus...
  • Monthly cash flow forecasting
  • Quarterly expense comparison & optimization
  • Monthly financial statement comparison & goal review
  • KPIs and Benchmarking
  • Cost Analysis
  • Forecasting

We offer tax packages, including planning and resolution

We can combine your bookkeeping and tax services into a monthly package, or you can choose a tax service separately. 

Need More?

Set Up

Whether you're just starting out, doing it old school with a spreadsheet, or you're moving from another bookkeeping software, I can get your new bookkeeping system setup (and teach you how to use it).


Clean Up

Been procrastinating too much with getting things entered and up-to-date in your accounting software and now you're a year behind? Or maybe you had someone else doing your books, but now it's a mess. No worries. I'm the money nerd who likes the challenge to get this in order for you.


I know it's a dirty word (and sometimes a dirty job), but we can get through this. Together, we'll plan where your money should be going. Budgeting helps you plan cash flows for future growth and profit!